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44 Stanley Centre. Our new home!

The last year and a half have been a lot of fun.   We decided to venture into our own retail space and tested many venues until we landed at 44 Stanley.

We love it here!

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What a stunning venue! Beautiful big windows, lots of greenery. FANTASTIC food ( our favorite is Bean There cafe and Three Marys ...

15338716_1362176397149948_4855679457155161835_nFind KuNa Kids at the first entrance, Opposite Hse of Bespoke ( a fantastic ladies wear...

KuNa Kids

Are you proud to be South Africa, to come from a country filled with amazing cultures and creatives? I know I am. I love everything that makes us different from the rest of the world. Our celebrati… Source: KuNa Kids

My Love story

Thanks for taking time to hear my story! I'm not a great writer , but I  feel like there is so much to share. So, to kick things off, let me tell you the personal story of how KuNa started. KuNa's  first customer was my then 5-year-old niece ( Kunashe - hence the name Kuna) , who was a fun-loving bright girl, with a keen eye for colour and a need to stand out from the crowd . Inspired by her creativity, I began creating garments that reflected her happy personality. Kunashe unfortunately , tragically passed away a couple of...